I have been bringing my son to Teresa for tennis lessons since he was four years old. As a teacher, I recognize right away Teresa’s gift for working with children. My son, who is eleven now, looks forward to her lessons and clinics and his skills have improved significantly under her guidance. It’s been a joy to know and work with Teresa these past seven years. I think any child would be incredibly lucky to have Teresa as their tennis coach.
— Monique Downs

Coach Francisco Gonzalez sincerely cares about his students; trying to help everybody individually and is really motivating. In addition to the great coaching and drills, if you are committed, you will walk out of here a better player with a better assessment of your strengths and weaknesses; both physically and mentally.
— Kevin Wild

I have been taking private lessons with Teresa for about 9 months and have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play tennis with her. As an adult beginner I was a little intimidated, as I’m not very athletic and had never picked up a racquet! But Teresa made it so easy and fun, she is always encouraging me and her love for tennis is infectious. She truly invests time into each student; she even paired me up with other beginners on my level so we can rally together. I look forward to improving my tennis skills and techniques with her.
— Kaysha Rajani

I took weekly private lessons with Francisco, as well as attending his group junior development lessons for 10 years. Francisco is an elite tennis coach, great for training both highly competitive athletes and solely recreational players. Under his coaching I rose to the rank of number one in the Central Valley, and 30 in NorCal in under 14s boys junior tennis, as well as going on to play on the varsity boys tennis team at Bullard High School for four years, during which time we won 3 valley championships. His knowledge of strategy, fundamentals, discipline, fitness, and the mental side of tennis are unparalleled in the Central Valley. Francisco creates a great atmosphere for both junior and adult players and is a pleasure to be around. Whether you are looking to enter competitive tournaments, or strengthen your weekend game, I would look no further than Francisco.
— Jackson Bivins

Teresa is so great with kids. And now that I am an older kid, she is really involved in my matches and picks up on my weaknesses. I have been her student for a long time and I feel like my strokes are really solid. Plus we ALWAYS have fun!
— Katie Gen

Coach ‘Frannie’ has improved my game over the last several years immensely. He makes learning tennis really fun. I am not afraid to attack the net because of the time that Frannie has put smacking balls at me. He is an expert at the serve and now I feel great about my serve, which used to be a weak spot for me.
— Josh Gen

Teresa has coached our daughter since the age of 7 and has an eye that no one else has…she is a complete coach and her technical acumen is second to no one. Teresa has the rare ability to break down each stroke and develop it with precise instruction. Teresa has worked with several of the best junior players around the valley, she is a person of great character and is unmatched in ability to develop and nurture talent. Our daughter has made great strides under Teresa and is now competing with the top juniors players in the state.
— Matt & Gina Mastro

I have been amazed over the last ten years by Teresa’s ability to capture the attention of our young active kids, direct them and make them hit tennis balls at the age of 7 better than many adults. For years, I watched her with her “pancakes” and her students throwing balls over the umbrella, thinking “how will this help?” Then I saw my older kids form into real tennis players and I understand the importance of that foundation. That is when I started taking lessons with her myself!
Our older kids play tournaments and all our kids absolutely love playing tennis with her. She has given them a foundation for a sport to last them their whole lives!
— Amy Schuerman-Gen

My family has always enjoyed our time at Sierra with the skilled USPTA coaches. I’ve been playing tennis for the past 30 years and my children started tennis training at age 2 with Francisco and Teresa and loved learning both in group and private lessons. They learned the fundamentals of the game which helped them progress and become seasoned players.

My oldest daughter trained regularly with Francisco which I know helped her obtain USTA ranking and allowed her to play Division I tennis at the University of Hawaii. Francisco has an extensive professional career for which he is extremely humble. This will allow you and your child to determine if you want to play at a professional or collegiate level. He coaches with patience and genuine concern for child without undue stress.

Since graduating from nursing school, my daughter continues to play tennis with her husband and he proposed on the tennis court!

We would not have had such a great experience without the help of both Francisco and Teresa. You can trust your child’s success and growth in a game you can play forever.
— Kimberlee L. Gobel

Francisco Gonzalez is as exceptional a tennis coach as exists in the game today. He is a complete coach which is a rarity: he understands every aspect of the sport and is uniquely capable of helping his students in every way. My son, Daly, has been a student of “Frannie” since he started the sport at 7 years old and has been an integral part of his development to become a highly ranked USTA Norcal and National ranked player, and Central Valley Inter-sectional Champion two years in a row playing for his high school team. Francisco is a person with a true understanding and motivational ability to develop players of all ages and levels, and when combined with his technical acumen, psychological understanding, tactical expertise, sport conditioning emphasis, and developmental knowledge creates an unmatched ability to develop and nurture talent from the early ages to juniors, high schoool, college, and adult recreational players.
— Allison Cooper- Meinert